Item: User Interface Design in Progress

An important phase of the MI-Tale project is the user interface design. The design process was officially started in August. In the course of a workshop which was hosted at the LIFEtool center in Linz and was honored with the presence of Professor Böhm himself. Using different methods and design tools, we all enjoyed a productive meeting and reached a good starting point for further development.

The Austrian partners of LIFEtool are the leader of the design process and have over the last months constantly been working on mockups, semi functional sketches of the screen layouts that capture all the important functionalities of the app. Using Balsamiq, a special mockup design tool, these sketches provide a first impression of what the app could look like and provide a good basis for repeated discussions among the project partners.

The mockups were for the first time presented to all partners during the consortium meeting in Cyprus and well received. Open issues could be addressed and further tasks identified. As a next important step the Austrian design bureau ARTGROUP was authorized to come up with the first design sketches.

The goal of the design process is a semi functional mockup including all graphical design elements March 2018, which will be used for the first user testing and as blueprint for the technical implementation.
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User Interface Design in Progress