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Item: MI-Tale represented

MI-Tale represented at Dementia matchmaking event

At the 1st of June 2017, NFE represented the MI-Tale project at dementia matchmaking event in Utrecht, organized by the Dutch funding agency ZonMW. Many projects were present, varying from research on cell-level until applied methodologies for dementia patients and their caregivers.

Marije and Manon presented a poster which showed the main message of the project, as well as some tips and tricks for other researchers (‘always involve the target group in the development of new technology for them. Only they know how they like to use it’) and questions to other project leaders (‘How to approach this specific vulnerable target group of people with dementia?’ and ‘How to learn from other projects if many researchers do address similar issues?’).

It was a useful and learning full morning with exchange of both knowledge, expertise and business cards.
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MI-Tale represented

The MI-Tale project runs from May 2017 until November 2019 and is funded as part of the AAL programme (Active and Assisted Living Programme), Call 2016 ‘Living well with Dementia' by the European Commission and the National Funding Agencies of the partners in the consortium.

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