MI-Tale develops an interactive web-based game that will trigger and record the memories of the personal story of people with dementia. It runs on browser-enabled devices such as note-books or tablets. The memories are triggered by presenting important personal, local and national events from the formative years of people with dementia. The memories of the associated personal experiences and behavioural values are recorded as personal stories. The collected stories are enriched with historical photographs from digitized online archives and with personal anecdotes and photos, which are scanned and uploaded to a database.

The resulting interpretation of memories in the form of an interactive game has several advantages. First, it is a great way to train the brain of people with dementia to access memories. Second, it can be played remotely or during a visit when (grandchild) children and (grand) parents come to visit. Third, it is a fun way to spend time with each other to playfully reminisce about life. If you play the game frequently, content can be added and expanded. If the users are satisfied with the result, they can also export the content as a video or photo book, and later on view the personal life story and exchange with other family members.

The MI-Tale project runs from May 2017 until November 2019 and is funded as part of the AAL programme (Active and Assisted Living Programme), Call 2016 ‘Living well with Dementia' by the European Commission and the National Funding Agencies of the partners in the consortium.